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Incubator & startup projects support


Support and the education, of the new generation of highly educated programmers, technicians, analysis and managers is the essential to guarantee the continuity of economic and technology growth. Specially initiatives in the context go free technologies, augmented and artificial intelligence and IoT allow to develop unique novel solutions allowing to simplify technological processes, improved services for aging or handicapped population, etc.


As our roots are deeply gripped in the academic and research environments, we consider as our essential duty to work with universities and the academic institutions, but also support the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Some of our projects in incubation


Fine Art under the protection of technology.

Our newest incubated start-up bringing the world's renowned science to help to identify the physical fine-art like paintings and to build NFT.


is the central blockchain infrastructure project profiting and combining advantages of numerous main blockchain projects from Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum and. R3 Corda.

QXC is a geographically oriented spinoff of QuinpeX project aiming to expand trust and transparency technologies to Caribbean region with special focus on regional issues. It will build a fully trusted infrastructure and in collaboration with local players the centres of excellence that will boost development of Trusted and transparent business in the region.





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