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Commercial, legal acts

Company. financial management, accounting 

Logistics & transport & transport insurance

independent & secure critical transport monitoring of sensible items becomes an issue in many industry sectors:

- Art transport

- human organs transport

- radioactive materials and many many more

All these transports in case of failure may cause losses, either material, cultural, human, that assurance may need to cover.

Societal, local democracy 

Financial and insurance products

Highly sensitive, politics ....


Standard financial institutions face strong offensive of Internet based banks as well as crryptocurencies. All these prrovide faster, cheaper and more accessible service

Public finance transparence

Transparence of public finances is serious problem of many countries/governments. Application of transparent technologies will bring trust, and reduce fraud in public finances. EU decided to implement electronic public procurement, that definitely was a first step, unfortunately many transparency and trust issues this system doesn't solve.

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