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Digital Identity & eGovernement

With growing digitisation of our everyday life, new tools should be adopted to satisfy these needs. Authoritative digital identity, digital signature are the first and necessary to adopt. These later open widespread door to access to e-Government services, that facilitate everyday communication with government services, but also to simplify the business, and other official communication. 

EU released a comprehensive description of eID services to allow seamless and straightforward acceptation of e-ID documents over 27 member countries called eIDAS.

eIDs are also the important players in the (Post-)Covid era with minimising endless queues in front of administration offices, but also in the more environment friendly word minimising paper utilisation and reducing transport. 

eGovernance is another important area facilitated by adoption of eID. It may be adopted at university, in enterprise, or in regional or country scope. There are number of use cases from voting/elections to governance structures, and or referendums, etc.


We support FinTech companies to build a next generation of banking and financial services based on trust and transparency of the blockchain technology.

The arrival of Blockchain technologies allowed numerous groundbreaking ... in the supply chain area. From multiparty contract management, establishment of trust and transparency in the supply chain execution.

Supply Chain
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