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It is more than 20 years that we cultivate and perfection our theoretical and practical expertise in emerging IT technologies. From the beginning we facilitate enterprises. in their technology growth and commercial success.


In 20 years we targeted innumerable issues of enterprises, from increasing their commercial value and competitive advantage by introduction of novel IT processes, to new introduction of novel highly sophisticated computing systems.


Smart Devices for Everyday Life

Being active in the new hardware solutions and electronic devices from the very beginning, it is natural, that we entered the game called "internet of Things" from very beginning and follow its evolution very carefully.
Although IoT is itself very vast and incredibly exciting domain, we strongly believe, that the future belongs to combination of smart IoT devices and blockchain's total transparency.
We're very excited to analyse and develop highly secure, controllable and blockchain enabled smart devices, sensors, etc. in variety of areas from supply chain and facility management to critical environment monitoring and many more

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Matured Technology in Novel Context

Blockchain and specially IoT bring novel challenges to the world of Cloud Computing. Being deeply involved in the distributed computing and the cloud technologies from their very beginning, we provide the most optimal solutions to complex problems of integration, management and reliable operations of Blockchain and/or IoT solutions based on the cloud technology base.


To help to embrace new technologies

One of the adoption drivers in the context of new technologies is the available knowledge base. We, thanks to our experts and consultants where many of them have academic past, we participate on lowering of the knowledge barrier. We provide conferences, workshops, seminars for enterprises, but also we support activities towards general public.
Also we're highly active in the academic area.

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Transparency and Trust for Enterprises

Staying faithful to its history in innovation, Harakaly Consulting, very quickly embraced Blockchain technologies and heavily works in the Blockchain technology adoption in Enterprise environment. 

We master DAPP architectures and development based on all main blockchain technologies like: Hyperledger fabric, Ethereum, and/or Ethereum with its extension Quorum.

We also independently support all types of blockchain infrastructure deployments from private and cloud deployments, but also we participated on building the true independent and transparent consortium blockchain infrastructure called QuinpeX.

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